What is EyeHarp

What is EyeHarp

About EyeHarp

Eyeharp is a social project with the mission of improving the quality of life of people with disabilities through music.

The idea for the EyeHarp was born in 2010, when a musician friend of Zacharias Vamvakousis was involved in a serious motorcycle accident, and it was unclear if he would be able to play music ever again. At that time, Zacharías realized that there was no musical instrument accessible for quadriplegic people, and he began developing the Eyeharp.

Zacharias, a computer scientist and musician, is the creator of the EyeHarp. He has been using it to teach music to people with disabilities, which allowed him to improve EyeHarp day by day, making it more accessible, easier to use, and better performing.

In 2019, Zacharias and our team members founded the EyeHarp Association. As a non-profit organization we can work to further develop EyeHarp, as well as to have it available at the lowest cost possible. We believe that assistive technology should be accessible to everyone, and that cost, too, should not be an obstacle for those who need it. To support EyeHarp, please consider donating to our association