Music of the eyes

EyeHarp is the first musical instrument that allows people with disabilities to learn and play music with gaze or with head movements.

About Eyeharp

About Eyeharp

What is Eyeharp?

EyeHarp is a gaze-controlled or head-controlled digital musical instrument. It allows people with disabilities to learn and to play music without barriers. Designed with musicality in mind, EyeHarp offers the same expressive qualities as any traditional instrument. 

About Eyeharp

How does it work?

Eyeharp musicians only need to install the software and use it with their Eyetracker, that is a special camera that monitors eye movements. With these two things, musicians can play beautiful melodies simply by looking at the notes on the screen.

About Eyeharp

Who is it for?

Eyeharp is best suited for people with disabilities who want to play music, for music therapists who use it with their clients, and for music teachers who have students with disabilities.

We offer training for professionals on a regular basis.


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