La nit mes IN 2019 – Joel Bueno

Joel Bueno is a 11 years old boy diagnosed with cerebral palsy.
Thanks to EyeHarp, Joel can create and play music with his eyes.
In La nit més IN 2019, Fundación Grupo SIFU it was demonstrated that music has no limits.

Nit mes IN 2019
“Every Breath You Take”

MUSA Concert

Final concert of the MUSA Project.
Seven EyeHarpers performed together with a Rock band and a Jazz ensemble.
October 20th, 2018, Sala Aranyó, Barcelona.
A video of the full concert is available here.

Alper Kaya

ALS Fundraiser Concert
“When There is Breath, There is Hope”

Alper Kaya performing at the first EyeHarp concert at Izmir, Turkey.
Breaking the walls of physical disabilities in music performance, a dream come true!
With Elena Nikitina, piano, and Şadan Güvenir, soprano.
A video of the full concert is available here.
Alper’s YouTube channel with more videos of EyeHarp performances.

Alper Kaya
Bach - Air on G string
Alper Kaya
Ennio Morricone - Cinema Paradiso

Joel Bueno, L’estaca

EyeHarp lesson at Santa Perpetua Music School.

Zacharias Vamvakousis, Yesterday

Zacharias, the developer of the EyeHarp, demonstrates its potential
in a solo performance of the well-known Beatles’s song, Yesterday.

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