Become a Certified Specialist

Become a Certified Specialist

Become a Certified EyeHarp Specialist

A professional certification course for music therapists and music teachers is available for individuals and groups. 

The course covers all you need to know about using EyeHarp in your professional practice, from  advanced configuration to therapy and teaching strategies. It is tailored specifically to your goals and professional needs for using EyeHarp. The course can be performed through videocall and it consists of 5 one-hour sessions.

Upon finishing the course you will receive an official EyeHarp certificate, and will be listed on our website as a certified EyeHarp specialist.

The pricing options for the course are:
  • 300€‎ for the course and the certificate
  • 790€‎ for the course, the certificate and a lifetime premium EyeHarp license.
For more information write to us at [email protected]


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